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Still: Waiting2

Lynette Wallworth

Lynette Wallworth alternates between an interest in nature and in humankind. Just as she acknowledges the astonishing feats of the human spirit, she finds the extraordinary within nature.

Still:Waiting2 presents video footage of a single tree – an Australian River Gum that is home to a huge number of native Corella birds - filmed under a breathtaking dawn light in Quorn, South Australia. Corellas are a species that have slowly adapted to the biological ravages caused by colonization which brought other native parrots close to extinction. Meeting at the first and last light of day, the flocks occupy trees with such density that the tree itself appears to be in full bloom.

Still:Waiting2 is an immersive installation environment that is both unsettled and revealed by our very presence. When a viewer enters the space, sensors are activated, causing these birds to fly from the tree. The viewer must then negotiate the needs of the space, as well as the movements of others in the space, if the birds are to return. The works suggests that on first viewing much can be overlooked by the ‘newcomer’; it is about a threshold, a gateway that is passed through often unknowingly, whilst inviting us to consider the impact of others, of communal life and the complex interconnection of co-existing species.

The installation sets up an ecosystem, a space complete within itself where the participant/viewer contributes to the revelation of the work. Reflecting on human immersion in a complex world, Still:Waiting questions whether there may be ways of meeting across cultural distance that do not cause rupture.

Fundamental to this piece is an attempt to reproduce the artists’ extraordinary experience of filming these birds, the humbling requirement to be patient and the understanding that nothing can be made to happen when faced with nature. In this work, we see only what will let itself be shown.

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