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Spotlight Bunny

Julie Vulcan

A new work that explores site specific locations, the influence of soundtracks and the slippery nature of context. Conceptually it looks at ipod culture and questions the blurring between reality, film fiction constructs and our complicity within this. Stylistically influenced by the nostalgia of the drive-in culture it blends the past and present into an intimate performance, for four audience members at a time, within the confines of a stationary installed car. The windows are the movie screen and the audience are taken on a journey as they witness the events that unfold outside the car. This intimate work plays out through the voyeuristic safety of the car until things start to blur and questions regarding inside and outside arise.

'Spotlight Bunny' had its first development as part of the 3 week Underbelly Arts lab on Cockatoo Island in June/July 2011. During this development Julie worked closely with Sound artist Ashley Scott and emerging performance ensemble Friends with Deficits.

Spotlight Bunny, Video: Sam James – via Vimeo