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Redress Series

Julie Vulcan

The Redress series is a personal journey in which Julie explores repeated motifs. Each incarnation responds to something identified as current or urgent and continues an interest in repetitive tasks as a means of transformation and transcendence. It is a ritual that helps digest and transform bigger complex issues in a very personal way. Key to this series is the incorporation of personal signatures - red dress, salt, water, rope, bandages, muslin - all of which have connotations to ritual, blood, panic, death, cleansing and renewal. Latin phrases punctuate ideas - a language deliberately chosen for several reasons least of all its associations to power structures. The performance and installation build slowly and traces remain.

“...I was captured like a rabbit in headlights...Vulcan's absolute commitment made the room like a church, alive with contemplation and shared grace.” - Kathryn Kelly, Realtime

Redress #6, Exist-ence 5 QUT Project Gallery Brisbane 2013 – via Vimeo