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Print Media

Angus Ware

Print Media is a literal take on the notion of ‘consuming images’ - here two people literally eat their own printed image over and over.

We live in a world of imagery. Each day we are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of images. We occupy a world of perpetual news cycles and social updates. Screens surround us. We are immersed in a collective virtual reality defined by the images we ingest and the ones we reject. We stare into our screens and, click after click, scroll after scroll, we swallow more and more.  They are seductive, manipulative, misleading, simulated. They are representations and fabrications.

We ‘consume’ these images one by one and they change us. Like a drug, they have a physical, chemical effect on us. They change our perception, they change our perspective and ultimately, our own reality - even our perception of our own flesh is plastic and susceptible to manipulation. Subject to comparison and degradation. They change our brains. And like a drug we become addicted to the hit of each new exposure. It’s baked into our genetics: to explore and to see. Like our two image-eaters in the work we continue consuming, even when it hurts us. Even though with every chunk a piece of ourselves is torn away, we can’t help but tune back in for another bite.


Angus Ware, Print Media, 2015, digital video, audio, 5:12 min