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Barbara Campbell
9 November 2009

“Every day, people create events, that create words, that create pictures, that people see, that people touch, that people read, that people say, that people hear, that people mishear, that people argue against, that people refuse to believe, that people have barely scanned, that people don’t have time for, that people don’t hear, that people don’t read, that people can’t actually imagine quite how it was for those other people, that nevertheless have come off on their hands as black ink, that have come out of their mouths as misquoted lines, that have somehow gone in, been rubbed in, to their eyes to their pores, to their neurons, to their cells, somehow.”

The Guardian Weekly of November 9, 2009 was scanned for five and seven-syllable runs of credible poetry by conference participants on the day, was then compiled into haiku by Campbell, laid out using embossed Dymo labels, and during the performance was revealed using a frottage technique in real time to both a live audience in the auditorium and an unseen online audience using a freely available webcasting program.

'Newsrub' by Barbara Campbell, – via Vimeo