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Maybe, Maybe Not

Luke Hespanhol

Maybe, Maybe Not is a digital visualisation of analysis paralysis: a behavioural anti-pattern underpinning so much of contemporary society. It underscores the binary struggle between risk taking and lack thereof, enacted by a democratic process hijacked by conflicting self-interests, where a two-party political system turns inwards and disconnects itself from larger sections of society. It alludes to the perennial stalemate on topics such as same-sex marriage, Aboriginal rights, gender equality – perpetually talked about, seldom enacted upon. Maybe, Maybe Not started as a free exercise on generative graphics, from that ethos, I conceived an ongoing series of purely digital ‘unpaintable paintings’: ever-changing artworks existing only at online spaces and only for the duration of their execution.  Technically, the piece started as a standalone Processing sketch, later evolving to a p5.js application. This choice of technology was important to allow its transient existence in an online space, while also ensuring its ready accessibility.


Luke Hespanhol, Maybe, Maybe Not, 2015, computer generated video, audio, 5:20min