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The Magnetic Tapes (1981)

Jill Scott

The Magnetic Tapes (1981), 3/4” U-matic, color.

Three narrative videotapes

Voyeurism (6min)
Dictatorship (6min)
Retaliation (6min)

Editing and Camera: Jill Scott
Actor: Sarah Yakira
Sponsorship: Video Free America, San Francisco.

“Visual illustrations of stories from my travels in Africa and India. They are retold in miniature sets built in the studio using metaphorical objects, kinetic motors and pulleys and the hands, feet and mouth of the body. The sound provides the atmosphere and wall photographs supply the text which is written in German. Properties of magnets provide the movement.” [Jill Scott]

"The Magnetic Tapes (1981), an ongoing project by Australian artist Jill Scott, uses tiny props in miniature prosceniums to illustrate or counterpoint various dreamlike anecdotes – a methodology pitched between the fey fantasies of Rita Myers and the puppet povera of Tony Oursler." [“A Work and Some Plays” by J. Hoberman, The Village Voice, Vol.XXVII, No.28 (July 13, 1982), 44.]

Shown at:
New Imagery, Museum of Modern Art, New York, July 1-August 12, 1982.
The Exchange Show: San Francisco/Bay Area – Berlin, September
San Francisco Women Artists at Galerie Franz Mehring, Berlin, Germany.

The Magnetic Tapes also appear to have been known as The Australian Tapes,
under which title they were shown in
Women's Video at Video Free America, San Francisco, 11 April, 1983.
Works by Australian Video Artists – tour of Japan, Video Gallery – SCAN, Tokyo, 5 – 11 May, 1983.