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Hollywood Burn


Artist statement, September 2013

"Hollywood Burn is an anti-copyright epic constructed from hundreds of samples plundered from the Hollywood archive. Made over 10 years, it is a bombastic free culture call-to-arms that is freely available to view, clone, screen and file-share.

Mimicking the hyperbolic rhetoric of today’s copyright cops, it pits a righteous league of video pirates against the evil tyrant Moses and his Copyright Commandments. Determined to alter the present by changing the past, the pirates travel back to 1955 to construct the ultimate weapon: an Elvis Presley video-clone. Part sci-fi + rom com + biblical epic + action movie, this remix manifesto adopts the tactical responses of the parasite, feeding off the body of Hollywood and inhabiting its cinematic structures and codes. The unwitting all-star cast includes Elvis Presley, Charlton Heston, Batman, Bette Davis, Jaws, Jesus, the Hulk, the Hoff and the Ghostbusters."

Hollywood Burn is also a speculative history of sampling practices, stretching from the avant-garde to the online remix.

52 mins
Digital video
trailer 1.34min
Hollywood Burn, Trailer – via Vimeo 
Ella Barclay on Soda_Jerk - HOW, Ella Barclay discusses Soda_Jerk's work 'Hollywood Burn' – via Vimeo 
Ella Barclay on Soda_Jerk - WHY, Ella Barclay discusses Soda_Jerk's work 'Hollywood Burn' – via Vimeo