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Floating Territories

Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski

an installation combining distributed printed cards, swipe card reader, abstract screen based games

Floating territories uses a series of screen based games to explore issues of migration, border protection and asylum. The project was designed to take place on the ferry that crossed the Baltic Sea between Helsinki and Tallin at the 2004 ISEA event. A swipe card, issued to ISEA participants with the boat boarding passes arbitrarily assigns a tribal allegiance. Each tribe is represented by it’s own distinctive iconography and has it’s own role and goals:

When the player swipes their card at the computer, a game is activated that is moderated by the card’s particular code.

exhibited in:

isea: helsinki & tallin 2004
reactivate!: experimedia melbourne, part of the gametime conference held at acmi
The 2nd International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium, Beijing 2005

programming by adam hinshaw