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Excerpt from: Rosalind Brodsky - Sightings UK (BBC Archives, London)

Suzanne Treister

The Rosalind Brodsky Project began in 1995. Brodksy is my alter ego, avatar and heteronymic identity. This work uses historical material, both real and fictional.

Rosalind Brodsky, with whom I share Anglo/Eastern European/Jewish roots, was born in London in 1970 and survived until 2058. Her first delusional experience of time travel supposedly occurred during a session with the pyschoanalyst Julia Kristeva in Paris, at the moment she noticed Kristeva's similarity to the face in the photograph of her Polish-Jewish grandmother who had been murdered in the Holocaust. By 1995 Brodsky is a delusional time traveller who believes herself to be working in London at the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (IMATI) in the 21st century. IMATI is a controversial fovernment funded organisation which develops equipment and carries out time travel research projects whose results are for use primarily by the military and other government research organisations.


Suzie Triester, UK, Excerpt from: Rosalind Brodksy - Sightings UK (BBC Archives, London), 4 mins, 2000