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The Dream


Work shown in the touring exhibition Videotapes from Australia

circa Bush Video and beyond ... "The Murder of the Individual". The thoughts, cares, ambitions, ideas, wishes of people are just ultra high level programs running in the human bio-computer. All the misery, just negative feedback loops in your mind. How do you break the set? Insert a modulator in the loop and start tweaking! Ah, but what form of modulator? Drugs are too fast and uncontrollable, yoga and other mystical practices, too slow. How about the personal interactive electronic bio-mirror and synthesizer. What, you can't buy it off the shelf? Then I guess we'll just have to dream up such a gizmo. Recipe please.

Now let's see: some biofeedback equipment please (easy on the conductive gel), some telemetry gear (240 volts across the frontal lobes ain't much fun). Some A to D converters, a powerful little processor with RAM, ROM, graphic I/0 and of course the appropriate software, and some sound. Mix it all up, add a little creative genius and Whammo you are presented with yourself devoid of narrative symbolism, the guts of the matter in 2-D colour and stereo sound. Let it sink in, get comfortable, stop trying to figure it out, go with the flow, see you on the other side of time, sometime ...

still frame from Ariel's The Dream, (1977)
still frame from Ariel's The Dream, (1977)