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Double Dream (1985)

Jill Scott

Double Dream (1985)
Videotape (media critical narrative) and video installation. Sound track from environmental sound sampled on Fairlight CMI

Actors: Hot:- Sara Woods, Cold:- Ronda Mowat
Sound: The Dynabytes (Jill Scott, Vineta Lagzdina, Jade McCutcheon)
Vision Switcher: Peter Butterworth,
Camera: Ann Graham,
Costumes: Helena Keirluf,
Technician: Stephen Jones,
Lighting: Nick Tsoutas,
Assistance: Piotr Olszanski

Funding; Performance Space, Sydney and the Artist in Residence Program of The Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council.
Sponsorship: University of Technology, Sydney, Brigg Electronics, Radio Rentals, Metro Television, Fairlight Instruments Ltd. Sydney.

Shown at:

Performance Space (1985). [There may be a review in Follow Me, vol.?, no.?, 1985]
ANZART, Australian – New Zealand Exchange, Auckland, New Zealand. (1985)
Govett/Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand.12 December 1985 - 26 January 1986
Video Gallery Scan, Tokyo, 31 January – 5 February, 1986.
Sound Factory, Tokyo. Performance with live sound., 28 January, 1986.