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Domesticity 1.0

Selina Springett

Domesticity 1.0 is an installation comprised of a physical sculptural component and accompanying audio component. The idea of Domesticity 1.0 came about through being a mother, working and studying full time, through conversations with friends and their situations, and consideration of different cultural backgrounds. The physical component of Domesticity 1.0 is a 1950s Clark sink and tap set. The retro style of sink is a direct reference to the ‘golden era’ of the propaganda driven ‘domestic goddess’, where the ‘ideal woman’ performed housework that was done with a smile in heels, a twin set and pearls. The sink, as an object of domesticity, has been refurbished in a deep, almost menstrual red colour, pearled and gilded evoking both the suggestion of intimacy and hyper reality. The audio component comprises of a polyvocal arrangement of assertions of compliance by women in multiple languages. A dominant voice begins to question these utterances.


Selina Springett, Domesticity 1.0, 2014, sink, taps, headphones, speaker, audio, dimensions variable