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Diabetes Jewellery

Leah Heiss

The Diabetes Neckpiece is a wearable applicator device to apply Nanotechnology Victoria’s NanoMAPs to the skin. NanoMAPs are small (10 x 2mm) circular discs which have an array of micro needles on their surface. They allow for pain-free delivery of insulin to the body, replacing syringes. The Diabetes Rings work in conjunction with the Diabetes Neckpiece. The rings are designed to keep the nano engineered insulin patches against the skin once they have been applied. They are designed as discreet housings for therapeutics. Philosophically, they question how we might ‘enable’ our favourite jewellery/artefacts with functionality above and beyond the aesthetic.The Diabetes Jewellery project was developed through my Subtle Technologies residency with Nanotechnology Victoria in 2007-8.