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The de Quincey Tapes

John Gillies

8 min video, stereo sound

performers: Tess de Quincey, John Gillies

music: John Gillies

'Gillies' video loop uses the image of de Quincey herself as a point of departure for the work which, as in "The Mary Stuart Tapes", suggests the evacuation of performative presence through the spectrality of the butoh dancer. These works show Gillies' sensitivity to the central questions which performance poses to new media art concerning liveness and interactivity while acknowledging the essential displacement of presence that occurs within any representational context. His work shows how performance continues through the differentials of changing media environments and how video art achieves its autonomy by interrogating performance in an age where media is ubiquitous and every experience is mediated.' Edward Scheer, ‘Live Art/Media Art: John Gillies, Performance and the Techno-Live’ 2004

John Gillies: The de Quincey Tapes (2001)
John Gillies: The de Quincey Tapes (2001)