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Corrida - Logique de la Perception

Jeffrey Shaw

With Fabienne de Quasa Riera and Shusaku Takauchi.

The event took place in two adjacent rooms. In the first Shusaku gave a Buto performance on the edge of a raised circular steel construction within which the image of a black bull was painted on the white floor. A video camera pointed at this situation was connected to a computer in the second room. Here a large video- projection showed a digitally processed version of the performance. The image processing was characterized by its very slow frame-rate and the reduction to just two colors - black and white. The projection was accompanied by a very loud soundtrack of music normally performed at a bull fight.


1983: World Wide Video festival, Kijkhuis, The Hague, Netherlands; Gallery Menz, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1984: De Meervart, Amsterdam, Netherlands.