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Cathartic action: social gestus No. 5 (

Mike Parr

Cathartic action: social gestus No. 5 (1977). colour, sound, 30 min.

Included in the Videotapes from Australia collection that toured North America, Australia and the Venice Biennale (1980). Parr is setting at a table with what appears to be a complete left arm. During his conversation with the audience he takes a hand axe and chops into this left arm (which is just a prosthetic filled with blood and meat) severing it and leaving a bloody mess on the table. Julie Parr, his sister, then covers the stub with a oink knitted version of an arm. The audience and Parr then discuss the event and the trauma that most of them have experienced though this action. Recorded at the Sculpture Centre, The Rocks, Sydney.