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Julie Vulcan

4 video monitors, translucent 15cm wide plastic strips.
Video/sound: Julie Vulcan

Four video monitors arranged variously on plinths, on their backs and horizontally within the room. From the prone central monitor strips of plastic radiate out to the ceiling. The original ambient sound from each monitor creates a quadriphonic soundscape. On each video dark figures are illuminated by the slow passing of a fire source. Some are close up others are further away and appear to be doing battle. Each video is bookended by a piece of text*. The work continues exploration into the human obsession with immortality combined with a personal interest around the enigma of spontaneous human combustion.  Using fire as a heavily loaded metaphor the images present a landscape where a battle of power and strength leaves only one survivor.

Curated in 7th Australian International Video Festival, The Performance Space Gallery, Sydney, 13 – 25 October 1992

3:45 mintues
Burn, – via Vimeo 
Julie Vulcan, Burn, 1992
Julie Vulcan, Burn, 1992