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The Big Shave

Frazer Bull-Clark

Opening with Martin Scorsese’s 1967 student film of the same name, The Big Shave is comprised entirely of clips depicting men shaving in cinema. Moving between more than 80 years of cinema history and a dozen different nationalities, the work operates as something of a life cycle; beginning with a montage of shaving cream being applied and finishing with a collection of post shave clean ups. Within this it examines tropes such as barber-shops, women shaving men and various injuries; both accidental and intentional. The work takes inspiration from the found footage art of Christian Marclay, Tracey Moffatt and Candice Breitz and in exploring representations of masculinity, The Big Shave creates a composite portrait of male identity.


Frazer Bull-Clark, The Big Shave, 2016, digital video, audio, 9:38min