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AV Synth Performance

Pia Van Gelder

Central to this performance assemblage are two video waveform generators, an analogue voltage controlled oscillator that generates interconnected audio and video. These VCOs can be connected to audio oscillators also. With this modular synth setup I am able to generate live audio-visual media that is intrinsically linked. With this machine we experience what Stephen Jones points out, that “the synthesized image comes out of “thin air,” so to speak, and bears no necessary relation to the figurative or the “real” world.” * This performance assemblage reveals how electricity itself, modulated controlled voltages, can generate audio and video signals which describe the nature or behavior of the electricity.

These performances participate in a kind of visual music, exploring the relationship between music and the visual arts through utilising the ability to synthesise image and sound as a signal that is one and the same.

In the last several years I have performed nationally and internationally at performance venues, galleries and music and arts festivals.

* Stephen Jones, Synthetics: Aspects of Art and Technology in Australia, 1956-1975 (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2011) 213

Machine/Animal/Vegetable, Mixed media; Live at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, August 2012 – via Vimeo