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Sydney Film Maker's Co-op, Arts Organisation

The Sydney Filmmakers Co-operative was a co-operative of independent filmmakers, funded by the Australian Film Commission (AFC) in order to distribute and exhibit their films and the films of other independent filmmakers both Australian and overseas. These included short films, low budget features, and documentaries with a particular emphasis on...

Monstrous Body

Monstrous Body, stage 2, by Gravity Feed, Performance Space using video projectors as a light source video artist Denis Beaubois

Past Elements Future Icons, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

5 video monitors, 1 slide projection, 5 found glass objectsDuration: ranges from aprox 9:30 to 20:00min each on loopVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan The video monitors and slide projection are installed throughout 3 spaces in the gallery. The monitors arranged variously on their backs, sides, up high or at eye level. Each video...

DVD Format Released, Technical Innovation

The DVD (digital versatile disc) optical disc storage format was invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995. They provided high storage capacity and digital video playback on a disc of the same dimeonsionas as a Compact Disc (CD). DVD was seen as an inexpensive format to replace...

1991 9 November  
Australische Videos, Video Screening

8th Kasseler Dokumentar Film and Video Festival curated by Knut Gerwers Artists: Jane Parkes, Jill Scott, Peter Callas, Mark Elliot, Tony Kastantos, Ron Saunders & Pamela Williams, Gregory Ferris, John McCormack, John Gillies

2000 9 Jun 1 Jul  
Custom Made, One person exhibition

David Rosetzky: Custom Made, Centre for Contemporary Photography

Rapt II

Solo work by Justine Cooper. RAPT II (1998), incorporates 76 slices/MRI scans to create Cooper's 10 metre long databody.

1993 824 Dec  
Night Sky, One person exhibition

John Conomos, Night Sky, solo show, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

1991 26 Jun13 Jul  
Bill Seaman: selected video works, One person exhibition

Selected video works and word drawings Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

The Babel Project, Performance

This is a 5 minute edit of a 1 hour performance shown as a Creative Development at Performance Space, Sydney, Australia in June 2007. Company : Gravity Research Institute / G.R.I. Director: Alan SchacherVideo Artist : Sean BaconSound Artist : Rik RuePerformers : Ari Ehrlich, Victoria Hunt, Ruark Lewis, Phillip Mills, Katia...

proXy, Video Installation

Conceived, designed and co-directed by André Lepecki and Rachael Swain Music and sound by Paul Charlier Edited by Greg Ferris

2004 16 Apr15 May  
John Gillies: Video Work 1982- 2001, One person exhibition

Curated by: Blair French John Gillies: Video Work 1982 - 2001 was the first in a series of annual solo retrospectice exhibitions at Performance Space surveying and celebrating the work of key figures in the recent and evolving history of Australian video art. In the Gallery:The Mary Stuart Tapes, 2000The De Quincey...

2001 2 Aug 1 Sep  
Artist, One person exhibition

Single chanel video (in collaboration with Gary Hilberg) Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

1999 8 Apr14 May  
Lip, One person exhibition

Tracey Moffatt: Lip solo show (with Gary Hilberg) Rosly Oxley9 Gallery

Australian Centre for Photography

The ACP was established in 1973 as a place where photographers could exhibit their work and learn about the best in current practice, both nationally and internationally. The ACP opened its first gallery in Paddington Street, Paddington in 1974 and a workshop facility in a former bakery in 1976. In 1981, the...

2004 130 Jun  

artv - art and tv together at last Sixteen of Australia's finest contemporary artists rethink the language of moving image and the rhythms of television programming by creating a series of 30-second works specifically for the television screen.

1997 131 May  
Faces, One person exhibition

Solo work by Sue Ford at the Australian Centre for Photography.

2011 17 June2012 19 Feb  
Tell Me Tell Me: Australian and Korean Art 1976-2011, Group Exhibiton

This exhibition was a first-time collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul (NMOCA), and was comprised of a two-part cultural exchange of art and ideas. The project highlighted the historical and ongoing connections between Australian and Korean art, showcasing works...

1977 1 April  
Open Processes Report, Text: Report or Article

"Open Processes": report in City Video, vol.1, no.3. Proposal: To provide an environment at Watters Gallery, Sydney, in the last two weeks of January, for experimenting with the space and installation, and then February 1-12. as a space for working, in public ways, with games, performance, playback, videotaping, realtime audio/video synthesis...