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VHS Video Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

JVC/Panasonic release the VHS cassette tape format aimed squarely at the domestic market. Originally dubbed the Video Home System, the VHS system as it became known, is a consumer-level analog recording videotape-based cassette standard developed by Victor Company of Japan (JVC).

BetaMax Video Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

The Sony Corporation releases the BetaMax tape format. The format was also known simply as Beta, and was developed as a consumer-level analog videocassette magnetic tape recording format released in Japan on May 10, 1975.

EIAJ Type Video Tape Released, Technical Innovation

Sony and other cmpanies release the EIAJ Type 1 open reel video tape format. The format offered black-and-white (and later colour) video recording and playback on 1/2" magnetic tape on a 7"-diameter open reel, with portable units using smaller 5"-diameter reels.

U-matic Video Tape Released, Technical Innovation

U-matic tape format released by Sony, JVC, Panasonic and other companies. Also known as Type E Helical Scan.

2" Quad Video Tape Released, Technical Innovation

2" Quadruplex Quad video tape format relaesed by the Ampex Corporation.

Filmnews, Newspaper

Filmnews was a monthly newspaper dealing with independent film production, distribution and exhibition in Australia and the federal and state government policies and practices which supported them. It was produced in Sydney initially by the Sydney Filmmaker's Co-op, and then independently from 1986. It was distributed Australia-wide, and contained news,...

Ubu Film Group, Artist Collective

The Ubu Film Group emerged in Sydney in 1965. Initiated by Albie Thoms, David Perry and Aggy Read, Ubu was pivotal for the ndevelopment of underground film iand independent cinema. This group evolved into the Sydney Fillmmakers Co-op in the late 1960s.

First fine art images on a video monitor, Josep Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski

The first art using images generated on a video monitor in Australia was produced by Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski at the Philips Research Labs c.1962-64.

dLux MediaArts, Arts Organisation

dLux MediaArts is one of Australia's key screen and media arts organisations, committed to supporting the development, engagement and experience of contemporary screen and digital media culture. dLux MediaArts' programs and activities include research into emerging technologies and media arts practices, partnership development between public and private sector, curation and...

Experimenta, Arts Organisation

Since 1986, Experimenta has transformed public spaces, exhibition venues and corporate environments into captivating, interactive, and thought provoking destinations. From large-scale outdoor installations to intimate and extraordinary indoor exhibitions, the artworks shown worldwide by Experimenta are always evocative, intriguing and uniquely multi-sensory.

2000 7 Aug30 Sep  
Swell, One person exhibition

3 channel DVD video installation 4 minute loop, Artspace Patricia Piccinini  2000

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Experimental film

The Cantrills might be said to have invented Expanded Cinema (at least in Australia) – in which the production and particularly the projection of films is not seen as a single screen form but one in which all kinds of things, from manipulation of the colour during the processing of...

1982 1 7 Dec  
NU VU Review, Exhibition

December 1, 3, 7 : State Film Centre, Melbourne, VIC.

Blu Ray disc format launched, Technical Innovation

Blu Ray players were backwards compatible with the DVD and CD formats.

Other Pleasures, screening program

State Film Theatre Melbourne Modern Image Makers Association Film and Video Art included Personal Ads

1984 116 Mar  
Interface, Group Exhibition

Interface was curated by Simon Biggs and Claudio Pompili after the Australia Council's report in to technology in the arts and using the Adelaide Festival as a venue.

1977 26 Oct 3 Nov  
American Women's Video from the Los Angeles Women's Video Center, video exhibition

American Women's Video from the Los Angeles Women's Video Center. 26 October to 3 November, 1977. The Women's Video Center, established in 1976 by Nancy Angelo, Candace Compton and Annette Hunt, was at the Women's Building, Los Angeles.

1977 1223 Sep  
You, Them and Us, Video Installation

Judi Stack and Bob Weis, You, Them and Us (1976-77) Ewing & George Paton Galleries (Melbourne University Students Union). 12-23 September, 1977.

1977 623 Sep  
Dream Weekend: A Project for Australia., video exhibition

Ewing & George Paton Galleries, Lynn Hershman:

1976 916 Sep  
Two Evenings of Experimental Video Tapes, video exhibition

At the Institute of Modern Art (IMA)24 Market St, Brisbane, Qld. 9 September and 16 September, 1976 Video tapes from artists and activists working in Brisbane over the period 1975 – 1976. The tapes were made either through the Brisbane Video Access Centre or at Griffith Uni Video Editing Workshop (later known as...