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The 4th Video Mayfair

2 May 198011 May 1980


A Festival of Independent Video over 2 weekends
Sydney Filmmakers' Cooperative, May 2-4 and 9-11, 1980

Friday May 2

Video Party

Showing rock clips including Uncle Bob's Band, Stiletto, Wasted Daze, Captain Matchbox and others.

Saturday May 3 & 10


Union of Injured Workers. Barry Creecy
Injured workers fighting for compensation from employers and insurance companies.

Women in China. Debbie Michels and Julie Wiggin
The tape looks at the position of women in post revolutionary China, as seen by some Australian feminists.

A Bit Different. Nick Power and Gary Moore
The operations and development of the Bondi Work Co-operative.

Eritrea ... Africa's Forgotten War. Student Production, N.S.W.I.T.
Eyewitness accounts of the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Chippendale Housing Co-op. Video Dialogue Unit Film Australia
This is a “process tape", produced for a seminar on housing issues organised by Shelter in April 1980.

Being There. Treena Mossop
A personal look at "Neurosis"

Billy the Survivor. Zelda Rosenbaun
Billy Johnson became a ward of the state in 1918 at the age of four.


Three productions from Videorep.

Employing Strategy. Andrew Vial

Perfect Moments. Paul Harmon / R.A. Hill

Game. Mark Sanders / Sue Woolfe

Spanish Flame. Tony Harding / Videorep, Perth

School Lunch. Youth from East End, London

Revenge of the Shoes. Mark Lewis
A black comedy drawing heavily on Hitchcock's The Birds for inspiration. Produced at the Film and Television School.

The Thin Man. Peter Clarke
A short "video entertainment- for very young children. Commended at 1979 Penguin Awards under Educational Closed Circuit. Produced at the Film and Television School.

With Paranoid & Catatonic Features. Michael Church
Adapted from two scenes of John Romeril's play, "Chicago, Chicago", by a young Melbourne videomaker. A protest against the American way of life.

Mr Jupiter's Childrens Theatre. Chris Newland and Gillian Cairns
Mr Jupiter, a puppet, searches for his magical mirror mask. The story is developed through mime, dance and music.

Elastic Rats - The Torture Never Stops. Richard Boulez and Maria Ferro
Richard and Maria perform with 100 metres of elastic band, installed within 36 trees.

Sunday May 4 & 11

5 p.m. VIDEO ART

Susquehanna / Woronora. Jim Roberts
A comment on Nuclear Activity at home and abroad,

Stonehenge. Stephen Jones

TV Buddha. Stephen Jones

S.P.K. Stephen Jones

Figures in a Landscape. Robert Randall and Frank Rendinelli
The Sunday Barbecue - a tribute to Manet's “Deieuner sur I'Herbe”.

Untitled. Dennis Mizzi and Paul Nappa
Visual collage using photos of Hiroshima as a base for present day paranoia.


Chippo. Toby Zoates
A light-hearted look at the Chippendale Festival Parade. It includes discussions with participants and onlookers as to how they feet about living in Chippendale.

Prison Life. Parramatta Recidivist Group
Made by prisoners at Parramatta Gaol, talks about the breakdown in family life and loss of friends through being locked away. It includes an interview with a 17 year old prisoner.

Union Dollar. A.M.WS.U. Video Unit
A valuable insight into the work of a large Trade Union.

It Hurts Like Hell. Sabina Wynn
Produced by a student at the Film and Television School, it is about the industrial disease Tenosynovitis, a disease which mainly affects women process workers.

Slack Vanguard. Oliver Robb
It examines the present unemployment situation and presents some choices regarding the distribution of work and leisure in the 1980s.

Half and Half. Video Dialogue Unit, Film Australia
It discusses the problems of migrant children caught halfway between their parents' culture and the Australian lifestyle.

Friday May 9

8.30 p.m. SCREENING

Miss, Mrs. Myths. Womens Advisory Group, Adelaide
Winners of Penguin Community Television Awards.

Does It Feel Like a Long Ten Minutes? Liz Rust & Andrew Vial
About women. abortion. and hassles.

Closed Circuit:
November Eleven. John Hughes, John Scott, Andrew Scollo, Peter Kennedy.
Seen together with a Modem Union Banner, locates the events of 1975 in an historical context.

With the winners will be seen the runner-up:
The Struggle for Democracy in the BLF. Tom Zubrycki and Russ Hermann.

Stephen Jones
Front side of the 4th Video Mayfair (1980) programme.
Front side of the 4th Video Mayfair (1980) programme. 
Video Party insert on reverse of 4th Video Mayfair (1980) programme. (artist unknown).
Video Party insert on reverse of 4th Video Mayfair (1980) programme. (artist unknown).