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Historical memory of Alameda

M.H.A. is an example of public and land art that exceed the terrestrial space connecting things and people with the panoptic and precise perspective of sidereal spaces. Contents included in M.H.A. were thought to achieve a poetic interpretation of the urban space, working as a consciousness catalysts of the historical, political and social dynamics forming the urban network. M.H.A. is a consciousness activator, allows the exploration of an augmented reality where the background of information and stimuli provided by the device, glimpses and original perspectives, juxtapose and mingle with the empirical common vision. Breaks down silences imposed by the amnesty of civil and political and by this also the general unconscious forbidding will is affected. It is art that shocks and calls for justice, justice for memory merged in those streets where high heels and briefcases would sweep up military jeep tyres, face-crushing soles and the painful noise of the tanks.