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Hair Salon

Nooshin Farhid

Hair Salon is a highly humorous piece that explores the notion of beauty and bodily fascination. Set in the hubbub of Canada's Toronto metropolitan Iranian district where the work appears to have a filmic quality, with its sharp high-resolution colours and immaculate editing. Farhid presents a series of dis-jointed and deliberately hesitant narratives, which follows the journey of beautification within the interior space of the salon contrasted by the architectural make up of the nearby streets that are satiated with rubbish and graffiti. The aural dimension in the work is equally hypnotic with the introduction of a foreign language, Persian, both in the exchange of dialogue between the young woman and her stylist and the sound of the radio, which is playing Iranian pop music, while the maddening sound and image of the television screen showing a break dancing competition, which is then interrupted with the sound of the girl frantically chewing gum.

Within the Hair Salon there is this deep-seated sense of non-completion, with Farhid's non-linear trend of constantly keeping her audience on their toes.