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Hope Mosaic


Despair and Hope, two states of mind that are so far apart it seems impossible to change from one to the other. But check any dictionary, Despair is defined as “the absence of hope” so, in theory at least, Despair can be banished with even just a little Hope, and that’s what this project is all about.

Hope Mosaic is an exploration into how mobile communications can actively facilitate social change. It aims to show that we can change the world, one person and one idea at a time and that even dramatic change is possible when people work together with a common goal. The project is an interactive installation supporting Amnesty International Australia’s work in defending human rights.

Hope Mosaic is an interactive artwork made up of 10,000 camera-phone pictures, each one an image of “Hope” taken and sent ‘into’ the artwork as an MMS (Multimedia Message Service), like an SMS but a picture rather than words.