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The Glass Bell

Sophea Lerner

Based on some stories about Sophea's grandmother's village of Kello, in northern Finland, where she was born and grew up, stories that she brought with her when she left... The Glass Bell explores what falls between languages and places when we leave and how stories become placeholders for what cannot be spoken. The central feature of the work is a giant touch screen with water running down it an audiovisual surface that responds to gestural input from the audience. Somewhere between a musical instrument and a game, the audiovisual narrative unfolds as part of a feedback loop between the player and what they see and hear. This work has no hotspots or buttons, what counts is how you move your hands, not where you touch the screen. The surface of the screen and the sound environment move in and out of different modes of response depending on how audiences interact with it.Here you are on the surface of language, skating on thin ice, what you are saying, the words, are not your mother tongue. You have never learned to speak her language...