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Gary Zebington, Mari Velonaki, Shannon O'Neill

In Throw two projected characters (a male and female) become moving targets as the audience is invited to throw soft satin balls aiming at them. The participants gradually discover that what had seemed at first like an easy task is rather challenging since the characters' 'vision' is faster than human. On the rare occasion of hitting the 'target' it becomes dismorphed. The velocity of the hit determines the level of the disfigurement. Throw is an interactive installation which aims to investigate the dialogical possibilities between the audience and digital characters in relation to current cultural and technological developments. It utilises soft satin balls as an interface and the act of throwing as means to interaction. Charged with fun-fair flair and structured as a game, it provokes the secrecy of the street.Throw is part of the Mutual Exchange Series. Supported by: Newton Research Labs, USA and Australia Council for the Arts/New Media Arts Board

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