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Barbara Campbell

Super 8 film, Dual projection, colour
Sound by Michelle Andringa

This work had two iterations. In its initial form, it was the title given to a live performance that employed film loops as part of its visual material, and also used the gallery’s ‘cottage’ architecture and exterior plantings.

Performed at:
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, The Domain, Melbourne, as part of the first Experimenta, 24 November, 1988. 

The artist’s entry in the Experimenta catalogue includes an image of Liberty’s torch held aloft, with, on the left, the text of the well-known Emma Lazarus poem, The New Colossus penned for the monument and, on the right, an excerpt from Franz Kafka’s novel America in which the young immigrant, Karl Rossmann sights Liberty for the first time but seeing in her hand not a torch, but a sword (Kafka never travelled to America).

Its second iteration was a dual projection Super 8 film with synchronised sound (composition and vocals by Michele Andringa).

Screened at:
Artspace as part of the 9th Sydney Super 8 Film Festival, 1988.
Jetsam: a movemant of images, Linden Gallery, St Kilda, 28 September, 1992.

Super 8