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Change of place

Kathy Smith

Artist statement

"Change of Place, was driven solely by the images that I had developed over a four-year period and categorized as industrial- and landscape-related. In this film, my intention was to create an allegorical journey whose sounds enhanced the movement and theme of each individual image. I constructed the image-movement together with the recurring symbol of a face, which repeats and connects the sequence of images. These events and impressions are experienced in an enclosed city environment and in an open landscape. As with many of my subsequent films, I wanted to allow the viewer to experience the journey as if in a dream, and I referenced personal dream images that merge, overlap, and flow with my paintings and drawings. The writings of Joan Lindsay and the sense of mystery conveyed through the Australian landscape, particularly in Picnic at Hanging Rock, also greatly inspired this work. Change of Place went on to be exhibited in Australia and at international film festivals. It was also screened for a month as a short film before Andrei Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice at the Chauvel Cinema Sydney. In 1986, Change of Place was nominated for Best Animation at the Australian Film Institute Awards, the Australian film industry’s premiere award event. The National Sound and Film Archive, Screensound Australia has collected both the film and its entire artwork for preservation."

Super 8
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storyboard, 'Change of place',
storyboard, 'Change of place', – via 
storyboard, 'Change of place',
storyboard, 'Change of place', – via