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Gravity Feed

Since 1992 Gravity Feed has evolved a unique architectural performance-theatre, employing large sets to create potent, subversive and densely atmospheric events. Their impressive body of haunting work in which movement, objects, sound, light and the audience are equal partners traverses visual arts, architecture, and theatre.

The core ensemble comprises seven men with strikingly diverse backgrounds and interests, ranging from mime, new media, photography, philosophy, law, yoga, engineering, Complementary Health practise and education to Butoh and Dance performance. The tensions and synergies between the disciplines fuel the collaborative process that creates each work.

For the audience this is a unique experience. Invited into the vast, constantly changing landscape of the installation, audience members are free to choose where, when and how they engage with the work. 'I have been to many performances by Gravity Feed. Most of them I find intriguingly complex, yet with a clear message which I never manage to describe or analyse', wrote artist Horst Kiechle who collaborated with Gravity Feed for Host.

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