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Jamil Yamani

b. 1971

Jamil Yamani's work integrates political and socio-cultural phenomena within a media-based discipline. His recent research combines traditional Islamic artistic practices with contemporary art aesthetics, such as integrating sacred geometric designs with Australian suburban houses.

Jamil Yamani was born in Leicester, UK and received an MFA from the University of New South Wales, 2007. Jamil has had exhibitions at Artspace and Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney. He is also a member of the Artist Advisory Group to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Fuse - Made in America 2011, – from Made in America, via Vimeo 
Homecoming - Migration Series 2000, – from Homecoming - Migration Series, via Vimeo 
Al Arm 2011, – from Al Arm, via Vimeo 
All Quiet on the Western Front 2001, – from All Quiet on the Western Front, via Vimeo 
Three Hundred and Seventy Five Graves 2001, – from Three Hundred and Seventy Five Graves, via Vimeo 
10KM NW of Woomera, 2002, – from 10KM NW of Woomera, via Vimeo 
Lorimer Street 2011, – from Lorimer Street, via Vimeo 
Bird Man 2001, – from Bird Man, via Vimeo 
Pacman (Gendarme vs Burqas) 2011, – from Pacman (Gendarme vs Burqas), via Vimeo 
Salaam - Migration Series 2000, – from Salaam - Migration Series, via Vimeo 
Idul Adat - The Slaying of the Goat - Migration Series 2000, – from Idul Adat - The Slaying of the Goat - Migration Series, via Vimeo 
Chicken 2005, – from Chicken, via Vimeo 
The Glittering City 2007, – from The Glittering City, via Vimeo