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Chris Chesher

Chris Chesher is Senior Lecturer in Digital Cultures in the School of English, Art History, Film and Media.His research investigates how various information and communication technologies become historically woven through social structures and cultural practices. Examples of his writing include an Innisian evaluation of technology and knowledge over time; cultural politics of educational software; blogs and the rediscovery of authorship; the relationship of console games players to their screens, compared with TV and cinema; and an actor network analysis of patterns of mobile phone use during a U2 concert.

He is currently undertaking research into the cultures of contemporary robotics, in association with the Centre for Social Robotics at theAustralian Centre for Field Robotics, University of Sydney, and writing a blog following robots.

He previously worked at the University of New South Wales, School of Media and Communications (1997-2004), Macquarie University (1995-1997), University of Technology, Sydney (1990-1994), and University of Newcastle (1993).

As one of the facilitators of the critical Internet studies mailing list Fibreculture, he organised the ‘Networks of Excellence’ conference at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney in November 2002. He is currently co-editing a special edition of Media International Australia on computer games and media studies methodologies. His writing can be found online in Cultronix, Ctheory and CultureMachine, in hard copy in several books, and in journals including Convergence and Media International Australia. 

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