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Sarah Waterson

Sarah Waterson has been a practising and exhibiting artist and designer since the mid-1980s. Her art works include electronic installations, collaborations with performers, video and audio work, generative and software based artworks, VR environments and data visualisations/ecologies. 

She was resource Manager for the Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN) from 1995 till 1997, also serving as a member of the selection panel for SIN's Matinaze 1996 and dLux Media Arts' web in 2003.

She was a board member and then served as President of dLux from 2002 until 2004.

Period of activity 
from 1985
From sub_scapePROOF a machinima, via d'archive
From sub_scapePROOF a machinima, via d'archive – from sub_scapePROOF a machinima, via d/Archive