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John A. Douglas

b. 1960
New South Wales

John A. Douglas is an artist and musician who was born in Sydney in 1960. He holds B.A. Fine Arts [2002] and a Masters of Fine Arts by Research [2008] from the University of NSW College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

Douglas first became known in the late 70's while in the post punk band Seems Twice who recorded a 7inch album (perhaps the worlds shortest) on the infamous M squared label with tracks as short as 16 seconds. Douglas gained early notoriety in Sydney in the 1980s as the drummer for a number of post punk bands including the pioneering jazz punk trio Kill the King. He began his career as an exhibiting artist in 2003. Douglas’s work in video, performance, photography and installation has examined the depiction of masculinity and nationality within cinematic genres such horror, fantasy and science fiction. The video works comprising the Screen Test series [2000-08] found Douglas re-enacting key scenes from films such as Dr. Strangelove [1964], Wake in Fright and Walkabout, inserting himself into the roles of the key protagonists, such as Dr. Strangelove’s General Turgidson or Walkabout’s suicidal father. Recent work such as Strange Land Vol. 1 [2010] – made in collaboration with the artists Liam Benson and Sari TM Kivinen - continued Douglas’s interest in these themes but, instead of direct quotation of cinematic scenes, the work arose from collaborative performances in specific locations such as the abandoned mining town Glen Haven in rural NSW.

Douglas has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows since 2003. Group shows include Neo Gothic: Back In Black at the Queensland University Art Museum in 2008, Reality Check at Hazlehurst Regional Art Gallery, 2009, and Nothing is true, everything is permitted at Chalk Horse, Sydney, 2011. Solo shows include Strange Land Vol. I (De-fragmentation) at, Chalk Horse, Sydney and Strange Land Vol. I at Penrith Regional & Lewer's Bequest, Emu Plains, NSW, both 2010.


John A. Douglas is represented by Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney. 

Andrew Frost
Birth place
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Period of activity 
from 2003
Other solo exhibitions 

2012 Strange Land Vol I, The Substation, Newport, VIC.
2011 Body Fluid II, Performance Space, CarriageWorks, Eveleigh, NSW.
2010 Strange Land Vol. I, Penrith Regional & Lewer’s Bequest, Emu Plains, NSW.
       Strange Land Vol. I (De-fragmentation)- Featuring Sari TM Kivinen, & Liam Benson, Chalk Horse, Sydney, NSW.
2008 Screen Test (Australiana/Americana) – Fragments & Stills Chalk Horse, Sydney, NSW.
       Screen Test (Americana/Australiana), MFA Assessment Exhibition Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Paddington, NSW.
2007 James Dean Jesus, Chalk Horse, Sydney, NSW.
       Screen Test (Australiana), Westspace, Melbourne, VIC

Other group exhibitions 

2011 The Rest is Silence, Death Be Kind, Brunswick, VIC. (November) Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted,                      Chalk Horse, Surry Hills, NSW.
       Body Fluid (after NJP), Free Fall, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW.
       Short Sharp Shocks, Australian Video Art Now, Barbican, London, UK.
2010 New Ideas, Government House, Joint project with Historic Houses Trust,COFA and Dlux Media Arts.
       Nighttime Statewide: Everyday Hero, P Space @ Carriage Works & NSW Regional Gallery Tour, (curatorial Lara
       Thoms & Jess Olivieri )
2009 Reality Check, Hazlehurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW, (Curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham)
       Australia? Mildura Arts Centre, Regional Art Gallery, Mildura, VIC (Curated by Brendan Lee & Kristian Haggblom)

Awards, collections 
PRIZES, AWARDS AND RESIDENCIES Performance Space offsite residency, UNSW, 2012 Fraser Street Studios residency 2011 2008 New Works Grant – Emerging, Australia Council for the Arts, Finalist, 2008 William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize. Australian Post Graduate Award (APA), 2004-2006 Finalist, Helen Lempriere 2006 Travelling Art Scholarship Finalist, Citigroup Photographic Portrait Prize 2005, AGNSW Finalist, Conrad Jupiters Gold Coast Art Prize 2005 Finalist, Canberra Contemporary Art Space Prize 2005 Winner, COFA Art and Design Award 2005 Finalist, Helen Lempriere 2004 Travelling Art Scholarship COLLECTIONS Works held in private collections in Australia since 2003. Australian Video Art Archive Collection, Monash University, Faculty of Art and Design, Caulfield East, VIC.

2012 Miller, Carrie, Cool Hunter Predictions, The Australian Art Collector, issue 59 Jan- March 2012, pp 124 -125

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