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Selectparks is a media laboratory currently based in Melbourne Australia. Selectparks was established in 1998 by Julian Oliver and now includes key members: Chad Chatterton, Andrea Blundell and Rebecca Cannon.

Work and writing by Selectparks has featured at many symposiums and electronic art exhibitions throughout Europe and America including Siggraph2003, American Museum of the Moving Image, the Tate Modern, and the Computer Games and Digital Cultures conference in Tampere, Finland. Selectparks puts particular focus on the use of games as a platform for both producing Place, and researching how sense, memory and action collaborate toward this unique effect.

Out of a belief that games produce not only places, but new Public Places, the worlds of Selectparks develop upon traditional concepts of public by offering both new mediums and sites for exchange. This aspect of Selectparks' enquiry currently forms the basis for a research collaboration with the Interactive Institute of Sweden.