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Hobart Hughes

b. 1954

Hobart Hughes [aka John Hughes] has been an active filmmaker, sculptor, painter, animator, musician and performer since the early 1980s. Hughes's work is marked by a poetic wistfulness combining gentle humour, poetry and the song form.  

From 1984 to 1988 Hughes was the co-founder [with Bruce Currie] and performer with the multimedia arts/theatre group Even Orchestra whose events incorporated music, film, puppetry and performnace art in a variety of settings.

While producing short animated films in both Super 8 and 16mm such as Germ of an Idea [1984] and Crust [1987] and the short drama Public Knowhow [1985] [nominated for an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Short Drama] Hughes also animated and directed music videos including Let's Cook [1982], Close Again [1983], So Strong [1985] for the band Mental as Anything and for Laughing Clown's Eternally Yours [1984].  The music video for Let's Cook was later screened at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

During the 1990s Hughes produced a number of web projects including A History of Walking [1996] while also producing short films such as Dark Aisle and Because You Can [both 1992] that were screened on SBS Television.

Hughes work during the 00's continuted to explore his interests in sculpture and installation, many works featuring video and performance components such as Epiphany, a video installation at Ivan Doherty Gallery in 2007, and Placed, at Damien Minton Gallery, 2008. Single channel film/video works such as The Wind Calls Your Name [2004] demonstrated Hughes's ability to carry his trademark concerns into new media. In 2008 his animated short Removed was featured in the exhibition Figuring Landscapes at Tate Modern.

Andrew Frost
Period of activity 
from 1979
Other solo exhibitions 

2010 Carbon Copy, Sawmillers Art Prize; Automatic, Damien Minton Gallery; Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Redleaf Council Chambers. 2009 Animals Attacking People In Animal Costumes, Damien Minton Gallery, I Was A Middle Aged Termite, Art Gallery of NSW. 2008 Placed, Damien Minton Gallery; I was a Middle-aged Termite’ Damien Minton Gallery. 2007 Epiphany, video installation, Ivan Doherty Gallery; The Mind Beneath video installation- Damien Minton Gallery. 2006 Theatre of Museums- Sydney Moving Image Coalition ; Two Monks- Sydney Moving Image Coalition; Ruptured By Delight, Sheffer Gallery; Approaching Intimacy - Contemporary Miniatures, Ivan Doherty Gallery; The Mind Beneath, Sheffer Gallery & Damien Minton Gallery. 2005 Out There, Ivan Doherty Gallery. 2004 Stations Of The Cross, Sydney Town Hall. 2001 Animals in a Flooded Garden, Boutwell Draper Galley, Redfern. 2000 Human Tide, Olympic Arts Festival. 1999 Collectorscope, installation- Ivan Doherty Gallery; Brutus & Mingos Last Stand. 1997 Fragile Vortex, Artspace. 1990 Nasty Piece Of Work, Crossroads Theatre. 


From The Wind Calls Your Name, via d'archive
From The Wind Calls Your Name, via d'archive – from The Wind Calls Your Name, via d/Archive