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Linda Dement

Andrew Frost

Linda Dement is an artist who has been working since the 1980s in a variety of media including photography, film, video and computer-based technologies. Her work has been exhibited in Australia and internationally since the late 1980s and she is the recipient of numerous awards and citations.  Dement’s work has explored often radical subjectivities closely connected to feminism and emergent technologies. 

Born in Brisbane in 1960, Dement studied photography at City Art Institute in the late 1980s where she developed her early interest in documentary photography into constructed studio based work. An early exhibition Fruits of the Flesh with Sarah Waterston at Arthaus Gallery, Sydney in the mid-1980s featured images of naked women and offal. Dement developed her skills as a studio-based photographer.  In an interview with Paul Andrew, Dement recalled, “I totally loved the strict technical precision of (photography). I ended up mostly working in the studio with medium or large format cameras and studio flash. I could concentrate on light meter readings and the beauty of expensive well-engineered equipment, the maths of exposure and let the art take care of itself. It was freeing to have the mind obsessively ticking away with the technicalities and the wildest art could slip through almost un-noticed’ (Artist Linda Dement - Catching Light ISEA 2013 – Interviews,

After graduating with a Bachelor Of Arts (Fine Arts] from City Art Institute in 1988, Dement began to explore the creative possibilities of emergent technologies such as the CD-ROM and early computing, exhibiting work at the ISEA in 1992, as part of the International Painting Interactive at SIGGRAPH '92 in Chicago and the Imagina, Electronic Arts Festival, Monaco, Monte Carlo Machine Culture, SIGGRAPH 93, in Anaheim, California. Reflecting on her move from photography to computer-based art, Dement recalled “…it was important and urgent for those on the periphery of mainstream culture to put their stories, their presence, into digital culture while it was still forming. There was a window. The space was in ways unformed, unmarked and open’ (

Exhibiting extensively throughout the 90s and 00s, Dement was awarded a New Media Arts Fellowship in 1996 and a project grant in the Digital Futures Fund in 2010, both by the Australia Council. In 1996 she was awarded a prize for Best CD ROM, 9 at the Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival, Stuttgart, Germany, and twice awarded at the Harries Australian National Digital Art Award in 2005 and 2006. She has also completed residencies at the Power Institute residency, Cite des Arts, Paris and the Centre d’Art i Natura, Farrera, Spain, both 2007, and artist in residence at Artspace (2010) and the Bundanon Trust (2010 and 2013). 

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