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Troy Innocent

b. 1971

Troy Innocent explores the multiplicity of codes in the contemporary mediascape, exploring the connections between language and reality. His work invites people to play in worlds that emerge from transmedia ecologies – complex systems of virtual and actual signs and entities. In his practice he has developed a unique aesthetic vocabulary that spans interaction, design, sculpture, animation, sound and installation.

Innocent co-founded the digital arts collective Cyber Dada in 1989 and through pioneering works such as Idea-ON>! (1992) contributed to the Australian new media arts practice during the 90s. His interactive work Iconica (1998) was included in a retrospective at Campbelltown Arts Centre in 2013 as part of ISEA2013 alongside more recent collaborative work. He has exhibited and participated in international festivals, exhibition and symposia including Ars Electronica in 1992 and 2004.

Innocent’s more recent public art practice manifests in mixed realities, such as an interactive sculpture garden entitled Colony (2008) in the Melbourne Docklands, Urban Codemakers (2010), an Alternate Reality Game that reinvents the history of Melbourne, and noemaflux, an ongoing work that has appeared on the streets of Ogaki, Instanbul, and Adelaide. Innocent is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery.

Birth place
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Period of activity 
from 1985
Other solo exhibitions 

2006 Ludea, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney

2005 Ludea, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne

2004 Transitional Forms, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney

2002 Iconica;trans’forms Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne. Offline artefacts, digiprints and dual-channel video installation.

2001 ARTEFACT Faculty Gallery, Monash University. Solo exhibition of Semiomorph, immersive environment and Mixed Reality, interactive sculpture

Other group exhibitions 

2004 Reactivate!: Experimedia Centre, State Library of Victoria. Game mod project – Entity. Unnatural Selection at Ars Electronica

2004 – Timeshift, Arkitekturforum, Linz, Austria. lifeSigns installed at major international electronic media art festival.

2004: Australian Culture Now, ACMI, Melbourne. lifeSigns installed in Screen Gallery and Networked Art exhibitions. Preview

2004: Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne. New digiprint and offline artefacts.

2003 +playengines+: Experimedia Centre, State Library of Victoria. Exhibition of Semiomorph coinciding with MelbourneDAC – international conference on digital arts & culture. GRAPHITE

2003 Art Show: Span Galleries, Melbourne. Offline artefacts in electronic art show. Plaything: FirstDraft Gallery, Sydney, Australia. Semiomorph exhibited at game art exhibition. Brilliant refractions!: Cube37 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Osmotic Signals: DVD/projection work.

2002 ARTEFACT: ISEA2002, Nagoya, Japan. Exhibition of Semiomorph, immersive environment and Mixed Reality, interactive sculpture in 11th International Symposium of Electronic Art. ATM: Glen Eira Art Gallery, Melbourne. Exhibition of two Mixed Reality components. THE SYNTHETIC IMAGE: Faculty Gallery, Monash University. au_vector interactive sound environment.

2000 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art — Helsinki, Finland. New version of Iconica, including upload of artificial life to six Nokia 9110 Communicators.

1999 ARTIFICIAL LIFE: Artspace, Auckland. Iconica installation. BYTE ME: Bendigo Art Gallery, VIC. Iconica installation in group show PROCESS PHILOSOPHIES: Soundform exhibited at First Iteration, CEMA, Monash University. SciART99: Queensland ScienceCentre, QLD. SoundForm installation

1998 SIGGRAPH98: Touchware - Orlando, Florida. “Iconica” installation exhibited in Siggraph Art Gallery, featuring dual screen interface to constructed world.

1997 CYBER CULTURES: Casula Powerhouse, Sydney. Form 1 interactive sound installation. SCREEN: Memetic Mutation. Monash University Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. ALTERED STATES: MemeSpace experimenta media arts INTERACT 97, VIC, Australia TECHNE: Perth, WA, Australia - PSY-VISION included in a group electronic art show.

1996 BURNING THE INTERFACE: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia. Toured to Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane. Idea-ON>! included in CD-ROM survey. CYBER CULTURES: The Performance Space, Sydney, Australia - Curated electronic art show.

1995 PERSPECTA: Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia. Idea-ON>! installation. ARS 95: Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland. Idea-ON>! installation.

1995 Digital Salon: New York, USA - Idea-ON>! included in group electronic art show. TOYBOX project: Tate Gallery, Liverpool, UK - group exhibition of new media work.

1994 GALERIE PATRICK MARTIN: Lyons, France. Idea-ON>! installation in electronic art exhibition. ISEA ’94: Helsinki, Finland. Idea-ON>! installation in symposium on electronic art. THE EDGE: Siggraph ‘94 - Orlando, Florida. Idea-ON>! installation. Nintendo Killed the Video Star: Art Gallery of New South Wales. Idea-ON>! exhibited FLAVOURED BI-PRODUCTS: West Space Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

1993 OZCHI: Australian National University, ACT, Australia. Installation of Idea-ON>! GREAT AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE SHOW: Melbourne Exhibition Buildings. Idea-ON installation.

1992 TECHNO GARDEN: 10 day media event as part of MIMA's Experimenta 92 WE GO BEYOND: The Lounge, Melbourne. Prints, constructions and performance.

1991 CY-MISH MASH WORLD: Ealaine Gallery, Fitzroy. Recent computer graphic prints and video. SIGGRAPH '91: Art Show. Exhibited poster graphics for "cyber”.

1990 SIGGRAPH '90: Dallas, USA - exhibited Cyberdada manifesto in assemblage form. AUSGRAPH '90: ART SHOW - World Congress Centre, Melbourne. Digital prints.

– via d/Archive 
From Plastic Energy, via d'archive
From Plastic Energy, via d'archive – from Plastic Energy, via d/Archive 
From Artefact: Semiomorph, via d'archive
From Artefact: Semiomorph, via d'archive – from Artefact: Semiomorph, via d/Archive