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Andrew Frost

b. 1962
New South Wales

Andrew Frost was born in 1962 in Sydney, Australia. Frost has worked as an artist in various media including film, video and painting, and as a writer, curator, critic and lecturer.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts [Multimedia, film, video] and a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Art Studies [Multimedia] both from City Art Institute [1983 and 1984 respectively] Frost was active in the Sydney Super 8 film scene during the 1980s. As a member of the filmmaking trio The Marine Biologists [with Nick Meyers and Sean O'Brien] he co-wrote, co-directed and appeared in a number of films that combined traditional narrative story telling with experimental montage, a sequence of films that included Edge of Nowehere [1985] Ropo's Movite Nite [1986] and The Big Lunch [1988].

During the same period Frost produced a number of solo experimental film and video projects including SGH [1982], Animali Dā€™ Afrique, [1984] and Wave [1985]. His 1986 Super 8 film S.S.S. ā€” which incorporated elements of orginal and appropriated imagery re-filmed from television ā€” was included in the film program Metaphysical TV, curated by Mark Titmarsh. A number of Frost's subsequent films including Land of Shadows [1986], Open the Kingdom [1988], O'Death [1989] and Day of Ascension [1993] and the video works Groovy Decay [1988], Stan Getz in Stockholm [1989], Somewhere Here [1990] and The Mountains of East & West [1991] continued this hybrid film/video experimentation and were branded as "Metaphysical TV films". His essay Intelligent Dolphins: From Metaphysical TV to Remix Culture, published as part of the SynCity program at the Australian Centre for Photography in 2006, traced the connections between the Super 8 scene of the 1980s and contemporary image making practice.

As an art critic, writer and broadcaster Frost's articles have been published in a wide variety of Australian and international magazines and websites including Art & Australia, Australian Art Collector, Art World, Art Monthly, Contemporary, Flash Art, Randian Online and Art Forum. His essays on video art, new media and film for catalogues and gallery publications have included The Look of The Future and You Are There to coincide with 21st Century: Art of the first Decade for the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Rhymes with Failure for Daniel Mudie Cunningham at MOP  in 2010 and Thinking Back, for Video Swell Sydney for the Art Gallery of NSW.

In 2007 Frost wrote and presented the three-part series The Art Life on ABC1 and a second series in 2009, as well as one-off specials including The Venice Biennale [2007], The Biennale of Sydney [2008], In Conversation: Brian Eno [2009] and The Art Life at The 6th Asia Pacific Triennial [2010], MONA: Feel The Weird [2011]. He is also the author of the monograph The Boys published by Currency Press in 2009.

Frost's subsequent studies include a Master of Fine Arts [Film & Video] from the University of NSW College of Fine Arts, 1994, and a Master of Professional Writing, the University of Technology, 2004.

Birth place
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Period of activity 
from 1982
From The Mountains of  East and West, via d'archive
From The Mountains of East and West, via d'archive – from The Mountains of East and West, via d/Archive 
From Other Loves, via d'archive
From Other Loves, via d'archive – from Other Loves, via d/Archive 
From S.S.S., via d'archive
From S.S.S., via d'archive – from S.S.S., via d/Archive 
From Land of shadows, via d'archive
From Land of shadows, via d'archive – from Land of shadows, via d/Archive 
From Wave, via d'archive
From Wave, via d'archive – from Wave, via d/Archive