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Gregory Ferris

Greg Ferris has worked across a variety of media formatts, including film, video, installation, and other new media. 

He's produced, directed, and edited video-clips for the likes of MGF and Pauline Pantsdown and has created animations and digital effects for many music videos, short films, commercials, and mini-features. 

'To Pussytown and Back', his DVD for rock band MGF was nominated for Australian Music DVD of the year in 2004. 

For his PHD research he worked on the installation projects 'Eavesdrop' and 'Conversations' both of which were world firsts in the areas of panoramic, interactive, multi-linear narrative filmmaking. 

He's curated festivals of both film and art for the Art Gallery of NSW, The Biennial of Sydney and FilmWest. His work has been exhibited both locally and Internationally, including the Berlin Videofest and the Sydney Film Festival. Ferris has worked in the industry ever since his first experimental animated films screened on the ABC in the mid 1980s.

Period of activity 
from 1982

Lives and works

Selected works
From A Videotape Ruined My Life, via d'archive
From A Videotape Ruined My Life, via d'archive – from A Videotape Ruined My Life, via d/Archive 
From China Lake, via d'archive
From China Lake, via d'archive – from China Lake, via d/Archive