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Francesca da Rimini

Dr. Francesca da Rimini is an artist, researcher and makes work using various media including text, video and computers. She often works in collaboration with others, particularly as she drifts through the internet, where she maintains a number of avatars and spaces including GashGirl, doll yoko, GenderFuckMeBaby's Palace of Unparalled Cynicism and The Realm of the Puppet Mistress. Dr. da Rimini has made a number of films and videos, the most recent being White, a multi-lingual exploration of language and madness. White, a collaboration with Josephine Starrs has been exhibited as an installation at The Australian Centre for Photography (Sydney 96) and screened at festivals in Australia, the UK, Europe and Latin America da Rimini has a long association with the Australian cyberfeminist art group VNS Matrix ( 'we are the virus of the new world disorder'), whose many projects have included A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century, All New Gen, Corpus Fantastica MOO, Spiral Space, Virtual Theme Parks and Bad Code. Major manifestations of the VNS virii include TISEA (Sydney 92), SIGGRAPH (Chicago 92), FISEA (Minneapolis 93), ISEA (Helsinki 94), YYZ (Toronto 95), Ars Electronica (Linz 96), and CyberCultures (Sydney 97). In 1998 da Rimini's novella FleshMeat was published by the Italian publishing house SHAKE. A number of da Rimini's other textual traces have been published in journals, electronic zines and list-servs including Kabinet (Russia), Mute (UK), Freebase (UK), Alt-X (USA), Framework (USA), Knowbotic Research (Germany), Public Netbase (Austria), Decoder (Italy), Work (Canada), Underground (UK), Un-Natural (UK), Nettime, Arena (AUS), Mind Virus (AUS) and GeekGirl (AUS).

– from White, via d/Archive