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New Releases: An International Survey of Recent Works on Video

15 March 200114 April 2001

dLux MediaArts [] is a dynamic organisation dedicated to furthering innovative and experimental screen culture, dLux MediaArts is delighted to present in association with Gallery 4A and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. New Releases, an international survey of original video works orbiting in from over 17 countries curated by Emil Goh. Emil recently returned to Australia from Europe, inspired and armed with works on tape from emerging artists worldwide. Works which encompass animation, non-narrative, narrative, social-documentary, series exceprts and more. New Releases is an occasion to experience 30 recent works by 33 artists in an off the shelf Video Ezy fashion. dLux MediaArts would like to express its appreciation to Emil Goh for creating a vigorous exhibition of fresh young talent and to Gallery 4A and AGNSW for their generous support of New Releases. LEAH GRYCEWICZ & PANOS COUROS dLux MediaArts

Living in Europe for the last 3 years has refreshed my love for video art. It was an amazing experience to have been exposed to so many fresh approaches to the medium especially by young artists form all over the world. New Releases was conceived as a project to introduce the Australian audience to the various forms of current video art practice by these relatively new artists. Although many have shown extensively in Europe, for most this will be the firt time their work will be shown outside that continent. I would like to thank dLux MediaArts for producing New Releases and Gallery 4A and the AGNSW for supporting this project with great warmth and enthusiasm. EMIL GOH (CURATOR), NEW RELEASES

Curated by Emil Goh.

Presented by d/Lux/MediaArts in association with Gallery 4A and The Art Gallery of New South Wales


Catalogue Details:

Renaud Bézy, France, Blocks, 1 min, 1999

Lisa Cheung, Canada, City Sleeper, 10 mins, 2000

Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Brazil, Low attention span/high curiosity rate [portrait of Peter Elliot], 7 mins, 2000

Volker Eichelmann & Ruth Maclennan, Germany/UK, Rotator, 4 mins, 2000

Nayia Frangouli, Greece, Metropolitan Airways, 8 mins, 2001

Anit Fricek, Austria, Monster Pet, 3:42 mins, 2001

Shaun Gladwell & Joshua Raymond, Australia, Need for Speed: High Stakes, 2 mins, 1999

Emil Goh, Malaysia, Between, 7 mins, 2000

Richard Grayson, UK, Jaws, 1:30 mins, 2001

Karolyn Hatton, USA, Rockchick, 5 mins, 2000

Ritsuko Hidaka, Japan, 3 Questions, 6:15 mins, 2000

Eliza Hutchinson, Australia, Bohemian Powerpuff, 8:41 mins, 2000

Yasu Ichige, Japan, Rally, 2 mins, 1996

Les Joynes, USA, High Chair, 2 mins, 1996

Ben Judd, UK, I Remember [Cindy Sherman], 4 mins, 2000

Susan Pui San Lok, UK, Slow Island Hop, 5 mins, 2000

Caroline McCarthy, Ireland, Journey through the Longest Escalator, 3 mins loop, 1998

Kenny Macleod, UK, Robbie Fraser, 16:30 mins, 2000

Eline McGeorge, Norway, 7 animations, 5 mins, 2000

Hidenobu Mori, Japan, Fertile Land - Wet #2, 4 mins, 2000

Helena Oest, Finland, Hazy Day, loop, 1998

Joroen Offerman, The Netherlands, The Great Escape, 10 mins, 1999

João Onofre, Portugal, Untitled, 3 mins, 1999

Raquel Ormella, Australia, Mission Brown, 1:30 mins, 2001

Luke Parker, Australia, Play, 4 mins, 2001

Saki Satom, Japan, M. Station Run, 5 mins, 1998

Second Planet, Japan, April Spin, 3 mins, 2000

Suzie Triester, UK, Excerpt from: Rosalind Brodksy - Sightings UK (BBC Archives, London), 4 mins, 2000

Go Watanabe, Japan, An inconstant lover, 5 mins, 2000

Oliver Zwink, Germany, Drift 2, 31 mins, 1999

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New Releases: An International Survey of Recent Works on Video, Catalogue.jpg
New Releases: An International Survey of Recent Works on Video, Catalogue.jpg – from New Releases: An International Survey of Recent Works on Video - Catalogue 
I Remember (Cindy Sherman), 2000, 4 mins, – from I Remember [Cindy Sherman], via Vimeo