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Urban Theatre Projects: Asylum

30 April 2001 9 June 2001

Video artist: Denis Beaubois

Venue: vacant wallpaper shop, Lidcombe

Performers: Nahro Saaid, Anna Nguyen, Angel Boudjbiha, Cyrus Sarang, Sepideh Fallah

Director: Claudia Chidiac

Dramaturgy:  John Baylis and Khoa Do

Video Artist: Denis Beaubois

Sound Artist: Rik Rue

Lighting & Production Mgr:  Richard Montgomery

Stage Manager:  Janine Peacock

Audio Technician:  Ian Bowie

Artistic Consultan: Deborah Pollard

Community Liaison: Richard Lagarto


My name is asylum

I was born in this centre

This centre is in Australia

The centre is far from Sydney

It has security inside

People also,

from all over the world

No Not from everywhere

There are no Americans here

There are no English here

There are no Germans here

There are no Japanese here

The centre is multicultural

But it has only one culture inside –

The detention culture.

My name is asylum I was born detained

But not to be detained I have 850 days

I am thinking ‘How did I get here?,

How did I find myself here?’

Here in the detention centre

I don’t even know why I am here

Nobody told me why

by Angel Boudjbiha


Urban Theatre Projects


Asylum4 photo Heidrun Lohr
Asylum4 photo Heidrun Lohr 
Asylum1 photo Heidrun Lohr
Asylum1 photo Heidrun Lohr 
Asylum 6 photo Heidrun Lohr
Asylum 6 photo Heidrun Lohr  
Asylum7 photo Heidrun Lohr
Asylum7 photo Heidrun Lohr 
Asylum 2 photo Heidrun Lohr
Asylum 2 photo Heidrun Lohr