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Ulf Langheinrich - Artist Talk

30 September 2004

Ulf Langheinrich (Austria) made a special visit to Adelaide to present local audiences with an introduction to Granular Synthesis.

Ulf was in Australia for the Premier of Modell 5 at the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Granular Synthesis, run by duo Kurt Hentschlaeger and Ulf Langheinrich, have been at the forefront of the application of technology as arts for decades, pioneering new applications of audiovisual media and investigating the relationship between the human (organic) and the machine (artificial). A main artistic and aesthetic technique is the granulation of image/sound - an algorithmic deconstructions and compression of the organic human form pushed further and further towards artificial agency.

Their installations have been described as symphonic, only that one needs to listen with ones eyes, and see with ones ears.

"These are electric emotion machines that surround the audience, overwhelm the senses, attack and touch...".

The talk was held at the Media Resource Centre, Adelaide and was presented by Novamedia in association with ANAT.



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