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Third International Symposium on Electronic Art (TISEA)

9 November 199213 November 1992

TISEA: Cultural Diversity in the Global Village

The Third International Symposium on Electronic Art (TISEA) was held in Sydney, 9-13 November, 1992. It is generally referred to as a watershed moment in the development of media arts in Australia, bringing together a mix of leading Australian and international artists and thinkers in the field of electronic art. The event was hosted by the Ausralian Network for Art and Technology, in affiliation with the Intersociety for the Eelectronic Arts. 

Keynote lectures and catalogue essays were provided by Myron Kreuger, Brenda Laurel, McKenzie Wark and Manuel de Landa.

The Symposium provided a platform for many Australian artists including Simon Biggs, John Colette, Linda Dement, Allan Giddy, Tim Gruchy, Ian Haig, Nelia Justo, Jon McCormack, Elena Popa, VNS Matrix, Dennis Wilcox and Adam Wolter. The event also included a number of significant performances by Stelarc, Rod Berry, Barbara Campbell, Amanda Stewart and Warren Burt.

TISEA staged the symposium, exhibitions, and performances across many venues, including the Sydney Opera House, the Art Gallery of NSW, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Performance Space, the Powerhouse Museum, the Australian Centre for Photography, and the Ivan Dougherty Gallery.

It was generously funded by the Australian Film Commission and the Australia Council, the Federal Government's Art Funding and Advisory Body.

The TISEA Coordinating Committee included Michele Andringa, Alessio Cavallaro, Rebecca Coyle, Paula Dawson, Tim Gruchy, Ross Harley, Jon McCormack, Bill Seaman, and Gary Warner.

Maura Walsh Seaman was Sponsorship Director, Josephine Grieve was Media Relations Director, Nicole Martin was the Administrative Assistant, and Charlie Revai was Exhibitions Manager.

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