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Synapse Art and Science Residency Program


During 2003, ANAT initiated the Synapse Art and Science Residency program, aiming to create new collaborations between artists and scientists.

The residency program is part of a larger ANAT art and science initiative which aims to:
• create new opportunities for Australian artists
• develop relationships with science organisations
• consolidate and develop the Synapse database
• encourage science organisations to undertake long term commitment to art and science projects
• contribute to national and international discourse on art and science practice
• develop relationships with cultural organisations and galleries for the exhibition of art and science works
• increase national and international profile of art and science collaborations
• increase presence of Australian artists at international exhibitions and events

A call for proposals to science organisations interested in hosting residencies was made in October 2003 with the new Synapse residencies announced in early 2004. The host science organisations are:
• CSIRO Marine Research, Hobart
• E-World Lab, School of Computer and Information Science, Adelaide
• Australian National Botanic Gardens and the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Canberra Additional projects are to be developed in association with Centre for Astrophysics and Super Computing, Swinburne University and ABC Radio National All in the Mind program.

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