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Sick and Dizzy: Floating Adrift in a Sea of Media

1 September 199930 September 1999

Curator: Beth Jackson (Australian Program only)
3rd Asia Pacific Trienalle of Contemporary Art & MAAP99 Brisbane, 1999 & Microwave Video Festival, Hong Kong 2000.

Artists: Ian Andrews, John Gillies, Troy Innocent, Jon Tonkin, Peter Callas, Robyn Webster, Peter Hennessy, Frank Osvath, Adam Cullen, Michelle Mahrer & Gravity Feed (together with a program of Hong Kong works curated by Videotage HK: Jamsen Law, Ellen Pau, Hung Keung, Kary Kwok, Olive Leung, Rita Hui Nga, Ernest Fung Wai, Kal Ng, Doretea Erzler )

Beth Jackson


Hong Kong