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December 2005

As part of the program a train-the-trainer master class was held in December 05 with international artist group the-phone-book ltd. Participants included trainers that will deliver the program with further participants selected from across the SA creative screen media and education sector. The masterclass was made possible through the support of AIMIA, SA Film Corporation and m.Net Corporation

The-phone-book master class participants were predominantly selected from within the SA creative screen sector given restrictions placed on EPIC and state based funding:

Hugh Davies (SA)
Holly Owen (SA)
Sasha Grbich (SA)
Grant Brindal (SA)
Annemarie Kohn (SA)
Ruth Harris (SA)
Mathew Oakes (Tas)
Dr. Karen Vered (SA)
Cole Larson (SA)
Alison Wotherspoon (SA)
Greg Ackland (SA)
Shane Bevin (SA)
Christine Sweeney (SA)
Anne-Marie Barnett (SA)
Daniel Flood (VIC) 

You can watch a video on here

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