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National New Media Art Award 2012

3 August 2012 4 November 2012

The biennial award program comprises the $75 000 New Media Art Award and exhibition of shortlisted artists; as well as the $25 000 Queensland New Media Scholarship for an emerging Queensland-based artist. The Award and exhibition showcase the work of leading Australian new media artists. The award-winning work is acquired for the Queensland Art Gallery Collection. 

2012 short-listed artists and works included:
Kirsty Boyle Tree ceremony 2010
Karen Casey Dream zone 2012
Robin Fox  CRT: homage to Léon Theremin 2012
Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders Zwischenräume 2010–12
Ian Haig Some Thing 2011
Leah Heiss Polarity 2012
Ross Manning Spectra III 2012
George Poonkhin Khut Distillery: Waveforming 2012


Queensland Art Gallery
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Selected objects
Zwischenräume by robococo (Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders), video documentation extract., – from Zwischenräume, via Vimeo 
SomeThing - Ian Haig, 2011, – from Some Thing, via Vimeo 
Distillery: Waveforming (Cardiomorrphologies iOS) - without graphs, – from Distillery: Waveforming, via Vimeo